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Tadoba: Latest News

Dear Friends/Tadoba Lovers,
You can find here the Latest News about, in and around the area of, Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. If you have such any news concerned to the Wildlife protection, Conservation, Ecotourism, Poaching or such anything which you feel important please mail it to me at

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Shalik Jogwe said...

A Leopard was killed in Tirkhudi Bit No. 3 of Rajoli Forest in Gothangaon Range. The Leopard killed in the incident is about 20 years old and a gun was used in poaching. All the four Paws and Mustache Hairs have disappeared from the body. The incient came to knowledge of forest officials on 15/04/2008. It was reported in the local daily newspaper that the forest officials initially tried to hide the incident but later on admitted (17/04/2008) to the killing of the animal..
( Daily Sakal, 18/04/2008)

Shalik Jogwe said...

A Tiger Found Dead in Tadoba

A tiger found dead on 10/05/2008 at Ambepaat Waterhole on Pandharpauni-Kalamba Road.
"The tiger, aged about 14 to 15 years, had a Natural Death due to old age", Said a Doctor engaged in postmortem activity of the died big male cat.
Friends, this a matter of great concern due to continuous deaths of tigers resulting in declining population of Tigers in Chandrapur District.
It is to be noted very particularly that within a year, around 12 tigers have been lost or died due to various reasons in Chandrapur District alone.
Adding one more to these fatal numbers, the officials of TATR tried to keep the news secret but somehow it leaked among some tiger conservationist which is confirmed by a doctor.
We are awaiting for the exact reason of the death of this tiger.
If anybody have any information in this regard they are most welcome.

Shalik Jogwe said...

The day before yesterday, i had found a team of pochers with two hunting dogs and some suspected material, as per my doubt, I informed informed immediately to the top forest officials. They acted immediately as per my expectation but the RFO of the concerned area denied that they should be the pochers. I even handed over him the photographs which I captured at the cost of my life to him but he was telling me that it is quite impossible. This RFO is the same person who missed the opportunity to capture the TIGER POCHING TEAM who acted when there was a kill near MAMLA when a tiger 2 bullocks and pochers set a trap but unfortunately a wild dog trapped in the trap and the Hon. RFP visited the place alongwith his family without making any Inquest Panchanama, The very next day, The pochers Killed the wild dog and ran away with the trap.
What mistake I done?
The top ranking are supporting but the medieval level is so Ignorant...?

Prashant Mishra said...

Hi there,

I am a Post Graduate from IIFM Bhopal and have lived in Tadoba reserve for 2 weeks in December 2001. I can tell you with my experience with the Forest Department, RFOs are the most corrupt of the lot. In my opinion the preservation of National Parks and Sanctuaries should be taken away from the hands of the forest department and should be given to the army with the orders to shoot at sight any poacher within. I was told by the DCF during my visit to Garhchirolli division that one should never plant a teak tree because the current rules are such that you plant with your wish but when you try to harvest you have to take scores of permissions from various departments. In such a case, when citizens have least stake in forest, who would care to conserve them?

I commend your work for the preservation of wild life. My best wishes with you and I miss Tadoba a lot- plan to come back some time!

Shalik Jogwe said...

Dear Friends,
Tadoba is once again in its great mood. A Tigress with 3 Cubs of around 3 months old and another with 2 Cubs spotted in Tadoba Range.
Mohurli Range has already a Tigress with 3 Cubs.
The Buffer area around Mohruli Range has a Tigress with 4 Cubs. And protected core area has a tigress with 3 Cubs on Dewada-Kolsa Road.
So, at present, as far as it is concerned with Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, we have definitely more than 17 cubs. This is a great news on the background of the declining Tiger population.
This also shows one more thing that Tadoba is proving to be a heaven for TIGERS.
If you are planning to explore Tadoba, Feel free to call me at 09420303020 or 09372069911, It will be a great pleasure for me to help you.

Swaram said...

Its sad that the people who are supposed to be taking responsibility are the most irresponsible. When will they ever learn lessons. How do we teach them what they are supposed to do? I think money has really really corrupted the minds of people and they don't realize nature and relationships matter above all things in life as they are the permanent treasures. :(

Ashish Nimsarkar said...

Hi Shalik,
You are doing a very good work.I will definitely contact you when I am in Chandrapur.

valérie said...

Shalik is the best Tadoba's guide!
He managed everything for us werehas we were close to cancel our trip there because of the difficulty to book an hotel...
He's also a passionated person who deeply loves tiger and wildlife more than everything, it's impressive!
In two safaris, we saw 2 tigers! Amazig experience!
Thank you Shalik for this adventure, we will never forget it!