Tuesday, May 13

Tadoba: Photographs

Dear Friends,
I have started a new blog to let you watch and enjoy the exclusive photographs taken by me from Tadhoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve.
I have also given the information about each photograph in the comment link. The link is given just below the photo. Please click it.
I hope you will Enjoy the photos.
Here you will also find the photos of the visitors whom I accompanied.
Please follow the following link to watch and enjoy.


or enter the URL directly: www.tadobapictures.blogspot.com

Enjoy the Show....!

Saturday, May 10

Tadoba: Latest News

Dear Friends/Tadoba Lovers,
You can find here the Latest News about, in and around the area of, Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. If you have such any news concerned to the Wildlife protection, Conservation, Ecotourism, Poaching or such anything which you feel important please mail it to me at


Please feel free to call me at +91 9420303020, +91 9595936369 , +91 9372069911

Monday, May 5

My Tadoba Visit

Dear Friends/Tadoba Visitors,

I am feeling very strongly since some days that there should be a specific post link in ROARING MELODY OF TADOBA TIGER where one can write his experience about Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve.

So this is my initiative in the same direction.

Anybody can comment under this post.

Please be careful Post only your experience/Feelings/Suggestions while you were exploring Tadoba.

I hope SPECIALLY those people whom I assisted in exploring the Tadoba, Will comment here. It will help me in making proper arrangements for tadoba visitors to make their visit a lifelong unforgettable experience.


Thank You.