Monday, May 5

My Tadoba Visit

Dear Friends/Tadoba Visitors,

I am feeling very strongly since some days that there should be a specific post link in ROARING MELODY OF TADOBA TIGER where one can write his experience about Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve.

So this is my initiative in the same direction.

Anybody can comment under this post.

Please be careful Post only your experience/Feelings/Suggestions while you were exploring Tadoba.

I hope SPECIALLY those people whom I assisted in exploring the Tadoba, Will comment here. It will help me in making proper arrangements for tadoba visitors to make their visit a lifelong unforgettable experience.


Thank You.


BASAVRAJ said...

I am Basavraj,I recently visited Tadoba on 1st to 3rd may with 5 of my friends.

It was really a great experience.Actually we all were 1st time visitors to Tadoba .From one of the blog I came across Shalik.

Shalik is really a helpful person.He literally helped us from our arrival,MTDC booking till the end of our journey to Tadoba.and really has a great knowledge about Tadoba and surrounding jungle.
We saw the wild dogs, crocodile, sloth bear ,spotted deer, Nilgai, Sambhar, Bison etc.

And mainly Tiger which we couldnt see in our 1st session with local guide.Shalik joined us in second session with one of his friend guide and that session was really a rocking session.we saw tiger @ pandharponi and that was worth it .Tiger had his kill nearby and came there for water .

It was really a wonderful experience.I really appreciate Shalik ,the efforts he is putting in wildlife conservation and his ideas like medical camp for forest staff and villagers.

Shalik Jogwe said...

Dear Basavraj,
Thanks for your words of appreciation. Such words helps me to boost my confidence.
You know Basu, One can have a tiger sighting either merely by luck or experience or combination of both. But as far as experience is related, patience and some other essential qualities are also very much needed. You all people have it and the result was that fantastic sighting.
Basu, You have all the qualities of a good wildlifer.
Keep it up...!