Monday, September 8

Discussion on Tiger Shows

Dear Friends,
I have started this topic to discuss the fairness of Tiger Shows that happened in various Tiger Reserves across India.

In this Topic we are going to discuss about:

1) Fairness of Tiger Shows,
2) Radio Collaring to Tigers,
3) Violation of Fundamental rights of Animal's freedom specially Tigers,
4) Violation of freedom to live at it's own discretion,
5) Interference of Human being in animal world,
6) Causes and Impact of Human-Animal Conflict,
7) Conflict between Human Vs. Animal's Fundamental Rights; it's nature and Impact on both sides,
8) All other relative issues and suggestions which you feel important for Tiger Conservation and protection.

Dear Friends, I very earnestly request you to post your comments thoroghly. It will be your great help in conservation and protection of Big Cats.

Let's Make this Topic a big discussion Forum.