Monday, September 8

Discussion on Tiger Shows

Dear Friends,
I have started this topic to discuss the fairness of Tiger Shows that happened in various Tiger Reserves across India.

In this Topic we are going to discuss about:

1) Fairness of Tiger Shows,
2) Radio Collaring to Tigers,
3) Violation of Fundamental rights of Animal's freedom specially Tigers,
4) Violation of freedom to live at it's own discretion,
5) Interference of Human being in animal world,
6) Causes and Impact of Human-Animal Conflict,
7) Conflict between Human Vs. Animal's Fundamental Rights; it's nature and Impact on both sides,
8) All other relative issues and suggestions which you feel important for Tiger Conservation and protection.

Dear Friends, I very earnestly request you to post your comments thoroghly. It will be your great help in conservation and protection of Big Cats.

Let's Make this Topic a big discussion Forum.


Mindblogger said...

Hii Shalik,

This thread is an absolute BANG ON as far as my opinion is concerned. Last year I had this good fortune of visiting Kanha and Bandhavgarh. Good Fortune because, my first trip to the RESERVE after years of waiting (due to many reasons including finance) was very fruitful with almost 7 sightings which was a dream come true. But I came back with an ill feeling, and was very uncomfortable. I thought it was rather CRUEL to have those TIGER SHOWS (or ELEPHANT SHOWS) by limiting the animal's movement, tracking it down and fencing it aroud by ELEPHANTS. I distinctly remember the face of that Tiger, full of horror or terror. It defies the whole concept of SAFARIS and TIGER RESERVES. At that time the animal is nothing more than the one you see in a ZOO or a SANCTUARY. I don't know anything about management of such reserves and how important such shows are as far as tourist attraction is concerned but if there's a slightest of possibility that such treatment could be stopped, I would be in to raise my voice against it.

Thanks for letting me an opportunity to let go and express...there are views I've been trying to put forward but aint getting a right EAR (no i am not an activist just an ardent FAN of the natural treasure and madly in love with the TIGER for sometime now)

Thanks Again...


Gopal Parasnis said...

I also believe that 'tiger show' is very cruel and meaningless. It is very similar to sighting a tiger in zoo; because the core aspect is to 'confine' the tiger. It should be stopped fully. It is practiced just to make casual tourists happy.