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How to reach Tadoba

Dear Friends,
If you are planning to explore Tadoba, Keep in mind these routes to reach the sanctuary

You can reach Tadoba from Nagpur Via
1. Nagpur-Jam-Nandori-Kora-Khadsangi-Navegaon
2. Nagpur-Jam-Nandori-Warora-Khadsangi-Navegaon
3. Nagpur-Jam-Nandori-Warora-Shegaon-Mudholi-Mohurli
4. Nagpur-Jam-Nandori-Warora-Chandrapur-Mohurli
5. Nagpur-Umred-Chimur-Kolar
6. Nagpur-Umred-Chimur-Khadsangi-Navegaon

You can Reach Tadoba from Wardha Via
1. Wardha-Hinganghat-Nandori-Kora-Khandsangi-Navegaon
2. Wardha-Hinganghat-Nandori-Warora-Chandrapur-Mohurli
3. Wardha-Hinganghat-Nandori-Warora-Shegaon-Mudholi-Mohurli

All these are routes from Wardha.

You can Reach Kolsa from Nagpur/Wardha Via
1. Nagpur-Umred-Nagbhid-Sindewahi-Mul-Kolsa
2. Wardha-Hinganghat-Nandori-Warora-Chandrapur-Kolsa

You can come to Nagpur by Train/Flight/Bus
From Nagpur You can opt for Taxi/Bus/Train

You can Even Come Direct to Chandrapur By Rail
From Chandrapur You can avail a Taxi.

By train you can alight at Wardha station.
From Wardha You can take a Taxi/Bus/Train to Chandrapur.

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ravi said...

Hello Dear,
The efforts made by you are really praise worthy, I like this place very much, specially the location were this tiger reserve is established, On the way By Train, Bus and a Air port within radius of 150 km.

All the best for your social cause, You have vision to see beyond human welfare...

Ravi Mor

Mishras said...

We are fascinated with Tadoba and have been frequently visiting - five times in the last 8 months. We drive down from Hyderabad to enjoy the beauty of this place - the lake, the lovely forests and the wonderful bounty of nature.

This time around, we had the company of a special friend Shalik. He passion for Tadoba and its Tigers and conservations as a whole is worth praising.

If you like to have a good and informed time enjoying the forest please contact Shalik before you visit. I assure you, its worth the effort.

Sandip Mishra